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vickey's complaint against Sky

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[LAPSED] ordered sky in September and still waiting for broadband connection, told now 17/11/16

Complaint against Sky

I ordered sky and their broadband around the 5/09/16. I have been contacting them on a weekly basis, sometimes more than once or twice due to them promising to ring me back with updates and they haven't. I have even found myself recognising the same voices, their are 2 that brush me off immediately, sometimes not even going through the full security check of my details and then tell me there are no updates. They don't realise when an adviser is actually checking the system it takes the time to load the information and they are completing the call so quickly I know they haven't done that. I have been given a direct number in so I don't have to wait on the line for however long before the call is answered in their defence. On my latest call this morning I have been given the date 17/11/16 their reason for this is open reach need to alter a couple of things and then it will be connected. I could go on but at least you have an idea of my complaint.... This is a brief outline of my complaint against sky/open reach not giving me a service they promised to supply. They did insult me by offering an e voucher for £10.00 a week last Tuesday that takes up to 5 day's to come through and I still haven't received it..,,

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Lapsed. vickey has not responded in 90 days

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