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Mrs Debbie's complaint against Sky

Mrs Debbie coleman


[RESPONDED] Treatment of staff within the company from higher members of staff

Complaint against Sky

I have come home from holiday to find out my daughter has lost her job within your Dunfermline department. After discussing this with her she informed me of the bullying taking part within the building from members of staff who are supposed to be helping train people for the job. She had kept this to herself as she had just started and did not want to rock the boat but I feel you need to know what goes on there. She has come home in tears on many occasions due to the treatment from certain individuals within the place. She has been spoken down to, make to feel stupid, been picked up for what she is wearing when others far more inappropriately dressed walk about with nothing being said o them. Also a member of staff brought up things from her past which she had not informed them off or discussed with them. THis was a very delicate subject which the staff member in question had no right to bring up or discuss with her as it was nothing to do with the job or did it affect her work there. As a person who works with people and understands the right of confidentiality I am deeply upset that this has happened as this staff member has obviously been discussing sensative and confidential matters regarding staff with others within the building . Either that or listening in to others conversations that do not involve them. Which again is in breach of confidentiality and data protection. She was informed that she was not good enough and asked to leave immediately. This is disgusting from a company your size and you need to investigate what happens within this place. You should check the turnover of young staff as now she is no longer there the word is others are now bairing the brunt of certain staff members behaviours within the work place.

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Alastair Hosie | | VERIFIED

Sky takes allegations of bullying very seriously and will always investigate these matters. Please could we contact you directly to discuss further?

Mrs Debbie coleman | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Mrs Debbie coleman | | VERIFIED

That would be fine.

Mrs Debbie coleman | | VERIFIED

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