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LYNNE's complaint against Tesco Mobile



they didi not or could not provide a service for six month also hand set was hot whie play apps

Complaint against Tesco Mobile

I had been with Tesco mobile for a long time I had a black berry exelent no complaint needed to up grade as I could not read screen I received nokia630 on 8/8/14 monthly I am in poor health so it was for family member to keep in contact and visa verse a couple of times family members became worry and wasat my door visable upset thimking somethink had happen to me this was when we relized some thing was wrong with the handsey so I contacted custermor service were after trying to speak to some one who could help me I got a very rude unwilling person so I asked for a manger or senior I got gorga whom was most helpful told her my problem she got straight on with she informed me I did not have a service and have not for six month which I then said you have broken your side of contack and I have pay every month faithfully only to find Tesco have not done so she apoigized for lack of service and sent me out every I needed for it to go to repairs I received it back they could not find a fault then it all start again they were still taking full monthly payment yet phone and sercive was still not write so I phone and email getting I will send you a letter mrs pyle and giff bag to send it back four different people nichalas lenny or larry tracy team 30 and Stephanie all whom stated and agree there breach of contract so after waiting for giffy bag for six weeks I wrote a formal complaint and sent it to head office tessdco house delamare road I was and am waiting for this to be resolved as I stop monthly payment in june as that was target date agreed by both side only to receive a phone call from pastdue then letters which I have informed them of the sitiation and he has to deal with my husband due to me having to stroke in may 015 one while on the phone to nicklas at custmor services I at that time did stated I was waiting to go into hospital as hey thought I had a stroke well I was I do hope you can help resolve this as it was not my fault

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