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Eric's complaint against Talkmobile

Eric Bibby


Phone not set up correctly out of box and drops the mobile data every couple of days

Complaint against Talkmobile

I expect a phone to work correctly straight ( never had this problem in 10 years of having phones) MMS was set up incorrectly took about 1.5 hours on web chat. Went on holiday to Greece and network roaming was not set up - another web chat session from Greece. Now found that mobile data drops out every few days and have to reboot to get it back again. Spoke to customer services but unfortunately my battery died and it rebooted on the day previous and all worked again. It dropped out again so another call to them only to be told that it had been resolved with the previous call and could not get them to admit that if it went faulty again it had not been resolved. I have had 2 months free but what good is a free period if the phone does not do what it says on the tin. Very disgruntled customer !

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Talkmobile failed to resolve this complaint

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Eric Bibby | | VERIFIED

Talkmobile just kept saying that as it was resolved on the first call even though it re occurred and that was it - end of story, still having mobile data drop out - will not deal with them again when contract expires
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