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Susan's complaint against BT

Susan Towle


ABSOLUTELY USELESS - there is no point in attempting contact to obtain help

Complaint against BT

After flooding in York on 26th December, the telephone exchange was affected, so problems expected. My line was completely dead until 1st January, following which reception was spasmodic, so of course no broadband connection either. On 5th January the dialling tone continued when the phone was picked up, and many different sounds such as cutting off, engaged tone and ringing were heard on the line, and again, of course, no broadband. When this situation continued the next day, I phoned the "helpline", whereupon the automated response told me to hang up if the problem was that the line sounded engaged. I did this, and when the robot phoned me back it told me it couldn't check the line because the line was engaged! After trying this 3 or 4 times, I managed finally to phone a friend (despite many interruptions on the line), who attempted to obtain help via broadband. This had been advised by the automated message while waiting, but how could I do this when the phone wasn't working, so no broadband??? After about 30 minutes of buffering, my friend could not obtain any joy online. By this time I had been phoning for about 2 hours, so decided to take the option of hanging on for assistance, which the robot said would be 5-10 minutes. After half an hour I really had to get on with my life, so gave up. When I had another 2-3 hours later in the day, I tried "ring back", which the robot said would be within an hour. After 3 hours I gave up on this, and decided there was nothing more I could do, as I had given up the will to live. I had by this time spent more than half the day attempting to make contact. The next day the line appeared back to normal and the broadband connection returned, but I type this with my fingers crossed, which is difficult.

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