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Janine's complaint against BT

Janine Orchard


Appalling Service from BT

Complaint against BT

We were supposed to have superfast broadband and BT TV set up in August. After many phone calls and incompetence we eventually got the equipment and I set it up. We are now in October and I have spent many hours onto BT speaking to Indians who cannot understand what I am trying to explain and asking me to do the same diagnostics tests over and over again each time I speak to someone new. Our superfast broadband is no faster than our standard broadband which we were on before and the download speed is around 3 Mbs of which we need it to be above 5 for the BT sport to work. We also have an intermittent fault which means we keep dropping off line. They find a fault say it is fixed but nothing changes. We are paying for this service which we cannot use. Today I finally lost my temper having to deal again with a rather rude and abrupt Indian man this time asking me to do the same tests I did only two days ago. All I want is an engineer to come out to the property instead of this constant round of ridiculous conversations with someone the other side of the world. I have like many people been a customer all my life but this is about to change. I am sick to death of not being able to speak to someone and sensibly resolve this matter. I will not be paying my bill until this is sorted.

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