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Jonathan's complaint against BT

Jonathan Webster


Appointment for Broadband not kept - no explanation

Complaint against BT

order number: BTCD0ZZ04004363114 Summary of letter to BT On 15 October you emailed me inviting me to upgrade to BT Infinity – a free upgrade. I accepted the offer despite the spelling error in your email and signed up. As a result of this you delivered to my home the new equipment which was left on my doorstep by your courier and was fortunately seen by a neighbour and taken in. On 21 October you sent me confirmation that an engineer would attned on 30 October between 1pm and 6 pm On 30 October I waited at home for the five hours (and beyond) No one came and no one bothered to contact me despite you having my email address, home telephone number and mobile number. From 6.40 that evening I spent over 40 minutes in an attempt to get some explanation from BT. I tried the ‘chat line’ and waited 15 minutes for a response. Then after a further ten minutes I was transferred to another chat line and waited and waited. Eventually having given the agent my home phone number she called and in barely understandable English informed me that “I already had an asset.” This was meaningless and the lady was unable to give me any explanation of what she was talking about. I have now given up. I have been a customer of BT for many years and have had Broadband similarly for years. The actual internet service whilst painfully slow at times has not otherwise been problematic. On only two or three occasions in the past when I have had a problem I have found BT’s customer service to be appalling. One waits almost interminably for an answer which, when it comes, has in my experience put me in touch with very polite, even gracious men and women who are quite unable to be of any help whatsoever, use terminology which I do not understand and can only apologise without offering any resolution. Frankly I find it embarrassing that I constantly have to ask your representatives to repeat what they have said because of their heavily accented English. I now pass this whole thing back to you with little expectation of either a rapid response or a helpful one. You approached me, you made me the offer, and you have then just ignored me. That’s disgraceful

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