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Robert's complaint against BT

Robert McCormack


Broadband speed very slow less than 1mb.

Complaint against BT

Bought a old run down pub/hotel last April,advised fibre broadband coming to village late summer. Fibre broadband gone live for 3/4 of the village but we have been told we will never receive fibre broadband as are cabinet we are connected too is too far away for fibre broadband to make any differance to are current speed ( we are getting less than 1mb ) we relocated from Glasgow and moved are catering bisiness in, and are in the process of renervating to open a coffee/ bistro cafe offing free wifi and also been able to use wireless PDQ. All this was part of are bisiness plan when we bought the property. I've spoken with BT bisiness and asked if I could pay for a new line to be put from different exchange. Told this is possible but they can not guarantee which exchange the line will come from. Houses on the other side of street are all connected to fibre broadband. So you can understand why I'm angry as this has a major impact on are business. I don't understand as to why BT are not able to install new line which I pay for so I can be connected to fast fibre broadband like the rest of the village.

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