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Alena's complaint against BT

Alena Aniello


BT - Terrible experience

Complaint against BT

I have moved to new home and contacted BT on 29/09/2016 to order BT TV & Broadband. 1) I was promissed that the Broadband will be activated within max 48 hrs. I have explained that timing is crucial and I was reasured that I wont have to wait. This obviously was not the case 2) I have made apprx 18 phone calls and spent several hours on the phone with BT trying to resolve the situation. Everytime I was promised that my line will be activated within few days and that some one will call me back. No one would usually call me back and no activation happened. 3) Only call backs I would occasionally receive would be to inform me that my order was canceled. My order was canceled/failed about 4x!! 4) The previous account holder had to make several phonecalls to instruct BT to cancel his line. This has not happened till this date 20/10. I suspect that the order keeps on failing due to that. 5) On 17/10/16 engineer arrived in my home. I did not expect any one. But hurray - he said that he is there to activate my internet! And so he did. My broadband was running till this morning. Now my BT account says that there is no broadband associated with my account! 6) Accordingly to my order timeline, the engineer on 17/10/16 meant to activate TV - my TV isnt working a. Broad band is working b. At 15.30 received a phone call from BT that my order has failed and that they will place new order for line activation and broadband! Was trying to explain that the engineer activated the broadband. The person on the phone was confused, said somewill call me back. No one did - as usuall. 18/10/16 I meant to receive TV hub - I havent received anything. 19/10/16 My broadband and line apparently meant to go live - instead BT cut my broadband and line off!!! 7) Meanwhile I have received letter from BT with my first bill and my landline number. The landline number does not exist and is not associated to my account!!!

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