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Mustafa's complaint against BT

Mustafa Ameer


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Complaint against BT

I had never reached anywhere near the 5gb monthly data for my BT business mobile (I dont believe I was even near 3gb) before so I was surprised on the 18th March I could no longer connect online. When I phoned to query why my internet was not working they said I had a charge over £500! The same data overage with my old provider would have cost £25. While I was sent a text after every 250mb (which equates to £125, and there are no warning texts or indicators before exceeding the data), it was recognised as spam on my phone (very generic text, that doesn't explicitly state that I had exceeded my data), and when I googled the number to double check, most results online were saying it was spam. After numerous back and forth with them they keep referring me to terms and conditions, and maintaining charges are correct. When I asked if, moving forward they could place a cap before my usage is used they said that is not something they do. They say that users have to monitor their own data, although they do not recommend any particular app and do not have their own. I do this - but there are differences between the values and what BT tell me I have used when I phone them. Also, they say that the data usage they give me when I phone them is 'up to 72 hours delayed'. It is therefore impossible for me to accurately monitor, and their customer service has reached the highest level to which I received a letter of deadlock. The only other option is to get more data with them - but that doesn't even solve the issue (especially as 5gb has been more than enough previously, I'm still surprised that it is reaching those levels) and it leaves me in a position where every month I am worried that my data will go over, even though I monitor it.

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