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Nicholas's complaint against BT

Nicholas Hazelton


BT Mobile wouldn't work so switched back to vodafone now BT PAC code won't work

Complaint against BT

I switched from SKY to BT for TV and Broadband and in the offer I took up the option of a BT SIM only card that seemed a good offer -I gave BT my vodafone pac number and they sent me a new SIM with my old number - I put it into my phone and NO SERVICE - this went of for a week or so and eventually BT sent me a second SIM - I unlocked my old phone - still NO SERVICE. After another week in desperation I bought a new iPhone SE from the apple store unlocked to any network and ordered a new nano sim from BT - it arrived - put it in the new phone - NO SERVICE - rang BT (again) and they said sorry it was a fault on their system - after three weeks of no service I cancelled my BT account and asked them for a PAC code to go back to vodafone - that was a week ago and vodafone tell me BT's PAC code does not work. Rang BT who say they cannot issue a new PAC code until after old one expires (on 10 August) so I am unable to get my old number back with over a month passing with no phone. BT are the worst telecommunications company I have ever dealt with and as soon as my contract with them is up I am going to another provider for all my services. Disgusted with the service from BT

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