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Jo's complaint against BT

Jo Skitt


BT said we cannot port our number, and now we have they keep billing us

Complaint against BT

We had to move out of our business premises some years ago due to an emergency, so got BT to forward our calls as we were outside of the local exchange. Sometime later (2006) we rang BT about porting our number to another provider (BT being expensive), and were told we could not do so. Apparently we did not have a line (despite being charged line rental), and so could not port our number, or some such nonsense. At the time we were busy and did not want to risk losing our customer line, despite advice from a friend in a similar situation that it could be ported without problem. Since then we've enquired periodically and had the same response from BT everytime:- you cannot port the number from us. Last year we revisited this, and were advised (this time by another provider) that it could be ported, so we went ahead. We rang BT at the start of December to check a couple of details and inform them that we were porting our number, and, yet again, were told we could NOT do so. The port went ahead without problem on the 17th December 2015. At the start of January this year we then got an invoice from BT for a further 3 months line rental in advance. We immediately rang BT and explained the number had been ported (as we said it would) and were told that the line had NOT, and was still with BT. We explained again that it had been ported but the BT employee would not listen, and as good as said we were lying. We'd just spent weeks setting up voicemail and various other things with the new provider, so it really had been ported. Plus BT billing showed 0 calls since the port date, but perhaps that's too logical a thing to look at, and in any case BT employees were not interested. So we raised a complaint via the BT website, and heard nothing back except an automated receipt. Then a further letter (demand for payment) arrived so we raised another complaint about the original complaint not being dealt with, and got a forwarded email asking someone in "the team" to deal with it. That was January 18th, and we're still waiting for a response. Now we have received a "Final demand" saying that unless we pay up within 7 days (dated 8th March, received 11th) our "services" will be cut off and our credit rating will be trashed with all credit reference agencies. A small portion of this bill is for calls prior to the port, and we accept we owe this, but not never ending line rental for a number that has been ported to another provider. But how do we resolve this when you ring BT and they say we're wrong and won't listen, and then complain via email and get ignored? On top of that, we have been paying around 7 or 8 times as much as we could have with another provider, for some 9 years, because BT said (and still say now) that we cannot port the number to another provider. We feel deceived, insulted, and now BT are trying to extort further monies by the threat of trashing our credit rating.

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