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Kieran's complaint against BT

Kieran Allen


BT Service Incredibly slow - No options as not in contract

Complaint against BT

Hi, I've been a customer of BT for around 2 years. I've been out of contract for a while now, as i'm not willing to sign up for another 18 months due to the terrible customer experience and speeds I'm getting. Recently my broadband has been absolutely terrible. I contacted BT on Friday because it was pretty much unusable. On the phone I'm told that the connection is fine (line tests) and that it must be the BT Hub. They then mentioned that "because I'm not in a contract I need to sign a new contract" or pay "£55 for a new hub" I obviously wasn't going to sign a contract because theres no guarantee that my internet will actually work (and they couldn't provide this in writing) I wasn't willing to pay £55 for a new hub, as if it didn't work and I had to switch I'd simply have another paperweight which I cant use on other providers. So I proceeded to ask if I could cancel my BT service. They mentioned there is a cancellation fee. How is it possible that I have no options when I'm out of contract? All the options involve me paying BT money. This is an absolute disgrace. I've also asked for a refund for when my internet is not working - they pretty said it is not possible unless I send them the hub - but then I'd have no internet, which I explained is not possible as i work from home. I'm shocked that BT have the ability to corner their customers and provide them no options.

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