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Kate's complaint against BT

Kate Berridge


Constant problems with broadband connection which is substantially affecting me self-employed busine

Complaint against BT

I work from home and elsewhere and the broadband connection goes off countless times a day so a small task can take all day or be impossible. I have complained about the service but it never gets sorted out. Today it has taken over 2 hours to pay an employee via internet banking, for example.I was locked out of my on line banking because the bank thought my security was being breached as it took so long. I phoned today again and was told in 48 hours they will phone me back. I have asked for a new hub but no response. I have had ALL phones replaced, phone lines re-installed and a new computer and it is the same. I just want a decent broadband and phone connection as it is affecting my earnings and reputation. The phone line has a funny noise on it and is very quite as well. I have phoned them often and they infer I should have a lap top, not a PC or buy a posh mobile and my daughter tries her lap top here and it is the same as for my PC...a terrible service.I pay for this service and am not getting a fair deal. Thank you.

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