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Mark's complaint against BT

Mark Wilcox


Continmued delays in providing telephone line & Infinity Broadband

Complaint against BT

Dear Customer Service Manager, Enter your account number ...: WM33213011, Account Reference: VOL012-115553063-103 I am writing to you to officially raise my concern over the delay in installing broadband to my property. Broadband is an essential connection and service for my work and social activities. When my installation was proposed I had to organise to be present at the time of the installation. The fact this has been delayed means I have wasted time and also cannot undertake vital activities. To explain this in more detail Continuing delays in moving a telephone line and Infinity Broadband from rented cottage to new house next door ( within 10m - with a telegraph pole within 5m which Openreach moved some 18months ago ) Delay after delay passed from department to department and Nobody dealing / escalating the issue. As I am sure you can understand I would like you to Get the matter escalated and connection date brought forward with a confirmed date. This I feel is reasonable and would help me appreciate the effort that you are taking to meet the failed expectations that you have so far delivered. For the moment I have decided to submit this issue in writing as an official complaint as recommended by Trading Standards. I feel that it is reasonable to expect an installation should be a simple and I hope that you can arrange this for as soon as possible.

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