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Arron's complaint against BT

Arron Coles


Data roaming charges totaling £2682.99 through simple error in not turning data roaming off on phone

Complaint against BT

When in Egypt, I connected to wifi and used the internet to obtain travel insurance details along with a couple of applications, like BBC. After using the device, I then put this to the side and had forgotten to switch off data roaming within the set up function. On returning from holiday, to my horror I found that I had incurred £2682.99 worth of data charges. On discussing the situation with BT, they have insisted tha it is my full responsibility and that I had used the data. I have complained as i feel that the charges are disgusting, way to extortionate and unfair. I am also very unhappy as I have found that other people when in similar situations have had their service cut off when charges have started to escalate. I arrived in Egypt on the 14 August and I received a text message from BT on the 16 August advising ‘Hello, BT Mobile here. We?ve noticed high usage on your account. Please call us on 0800 085 5426 before 2pm tomorrow to avoid any loss of service.’ BT advised me that this was sent when the bill had reached £600. I feel dissapointed and let down that the message implies and indicates that I will suffer loss of service if I do not contact the. I did not actually see the message as I had put my phone to one side therefore did not contact them. I feel that they had an opportunity to use common sense and cut the service however their response to this is that I may be wanting to use the service. I don't expect or no of anyone who would be willing to pay £2682.99 worth of data charges. I have been informed that BT do not cut anyones service yet my very own colleague who is on the same business account has been away and had their service cut when in Tanzania - the reason that they were given was that Fraud is high in Africa. I was in Egypt and when querying this, was told that Egypt is a different country to Tanzania. After asking for BT to review 2 complaints - both with bad errors within the response letters, BT have offered to waive 50%. This still leaves a massive bill for which I am not sure how to pay - £1341.50. An amount I still feel is unfair. I have recieved no compassion or empathy from them and continuously get told I am to blame. I fully appreciate it was a mistake that I had made however I feel as though there is no protection at all. How can someone make such a small mistake and be charged so much? I would love to make people aware and would love advice on what to do. I am at a total loss. Thanks

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