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Complaint against BT

I have switched my land line to BT on 12/03/16. I have ordered it through QUIDCO site. There was a cash back of £215 for this particular contract. The contract includes BT Landline BT Broadband BT mobile and BT TV with BT Sports. BT sent me an email confirming the services would be Starting from 26/02/2016 and my land line number will be the same. BT offered me £125/- worth master card for my Broadband connection and £40/- Amazon Vouchers for mobile connection. But I got a Text Message on 18/03/16 that my services are starting from 03/03/16. They never informed anything in between these days. On 3rd March they said that they could n't port the number so I denied the connection on 03/03/16. From third march to 8th march they persuaded me and got agreement for a new number. They said that I will get all the cash back and offer benefits. accordingly they said to me my land line will start from 15/03/16 and Broadband will start from 16/03/2016. On 15th march I got the connection for landline but 16th I didn't get the promised broadband. They said that there is a technical problem. Mean while they are offering the same services through their website and taking booking. Even the chat team was confirming these services are available on the same address. But when I contact the Customer Service they are refusing it. Ultimately I lost my precious Land line number which I was keeping with me a long time. I lost my favourite TV programmes . I got everything messed up because I trusted BT and their offers.

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