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Nicholas's complaint against BT

Nicholas Hazelton


Do not switch to BT mobile - read this first.

Complaint against BT

I switched my broadband and TV package to BT from sky in June last year. As part of the package they offered a BT sim card for my mobile phone that was twice the data and call allowance I had with vodafone so I decided to switch. BT sent me the new sim and I applied to have my old number transferred to the new BT phone something BT told me would take 24 hours to achieve. After puttng the new sim into my phone it did not work and showed no service. I contacted BT who informed me they would look into it. They did not call me back and my mobile did not work. I rang them again and complained my phone did not work. I was told it might be my old phone was locked to my previous supplier and I needed an unlocked phone. I then went out and bought a new unlocked iphone from the apple store at huge cost. BT sent me a new sim card for the new phone. I then put the new card into the new phone and guess what - no service in the window. The phone did not work. I rang BT again several times each time passed from one person to another, each time having to repeat passwords and details given hundreds of times. I was told that my phone wasnt working because of a fault BTs end and to be patient!! This was after two weeks with no mobile. My friends and family could not contact me. Eventually I complaned to BT and told them I was going back to vodafone and that I did not expect to be charged for their dreadful service. I was assured I wouldnt be charged. I then went into the vodafone shop and took out a new contract with them - I asked them to give me my old number back - now the fun starts - It took a BT two months to get my old phone number transferred back to vodafone. I rang BT numerous times and everytime Bt blamed vodafone and vice versa. After two mouths and numerous phone calls i got my number back. Then BT billed me for leaving my contract early! I complaned again and requested a refund explaining I had been promised they wouldnt charge me and that in the two months I had been with them I hadnt made a single call or received a single message because their SIM did not work. It was evident that BT keep no records whatsoever of calls made and their advisors promises are hollow. I did eventually get a refund but the hours of calls and the stress of being without my phone was awful. When my twelve month contract expires with BT I am leaving and I will never again use any of BTs services. They are a dreadful company. Beware switching your mobile to them. 24 hours to switch my number turned into two months for me.

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