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Terence's complaint against BT

Terence Price


[RESOLVED] - I cannot get straight access to my Emails

Complaint against BT

I have complained about this many times, have had tech: screen share , numerous people have listened to my complaint, gone through various aspects of trying to sort it out, but when they realise they have not succeeded, they say they will report to "another level" and someone will contact me but it never happens. When I try to access my Emails, it directs me to a form filling process everytime , and very often after doing this, will not let me proceed to my Emails.

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BT resolved this complaint

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Terence Price | | VERIFIED

I had another go at BT to sort this out, was put through to a screen sharing from India, they could not solve problem, so I responded with a threat of cancelling my broadband with them unless it was sorted. Arrange for a call back in next 48hrs . This came and a lady sorted the problem out in 5 minutes.Suggest BT replace all the male agents that I have spoken to in the last 2 months with women, who seem to know what they are talking about.
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