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martin's complaint against BT

martin sheppard


i keep getting billed for broadband services i cancelled

Complaint against BT

i informed bt that when my contract expires i will not be re newing as they keep putting there price up.they kept asking if they could give me a better price and i kept saying no has you will just put the price up the same has they did in the previous year and hide the information in a email.i took a contract out with ee who said they will inform bt that they will be my new supplier from 27th feb. i received emails and text messages and letters from bt saying they have had a request to move my services is this correct.on contacting bt to inform them that this is correct and can i cancel my tv package to make sure i do not get a bill for services i do not have , they again tried to offer me another package. on telling them no i will be moving they tried to tell me that ee have not requested my broadband.i contacted ee to question this and they checked all the details with bt wholesale and openreach who said everything is in order and on the 27th feb i will no longer be with bt.after contacting bt several times and speaking to their complaints department i was told it is sorted out and i even received emails confirming this.however on my next bill for march i have been billed for broadband and tv, so again i contacted bt billing who said they would credit me on my next months bill.on receiving my april bill they again have billed me for broadband and tv again and also increased the price.after contacting complaints again they put me through to another department who says it is a technical hitch and promise it will be sorted.i received a phone call today to tell me they will credit me in may as it takes a month to raise a credit. i told them i refuse to pay my bill this month as i only have a mobile with them and the bill is only£8 per month why should i pay £46 for march which you have taken out of my bank and also pay another £41.65 for april.they said i have to pay

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