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andrew's complaint against BT

andrew townshend


[RESOLVED] - incorrect bill, no response to my emails and letters (last letter sent recorded delivery) refund due

Complaint against BT

sudden increase in charges, phoned to enquire, was told my contract had expired, was offered a new contract over the phone, details of which was then sent to me by email, found a new supplier at a very much better rate, canceled contract with b t within 14 days of original phone call by email and posted a copy of email ( have certificate of posting) , changed supplier, final bill from bt incorrect ( infact they owe me a refund of £45 which i have requested from them ) bt not replying to my emails or letters and still demanding payment from me

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BT resolved this complaint

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andrew townshend | | VERIFIED

b t have at last listened and sent me a correctly amended invoice , still awaiting my refund though.

andrew townshend | | VERIFIED

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andrew townshend | | VERIFIED

at last b t have taken note and amended account correctly, still awaiting my refund though
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