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Andrew's complaint against BT

Andrew Griffin


Missold a non existent service on a home move

Complaint against BT

Booked a home move on 6th June and was confirmed with activation and an engineer on 30th June. Also took the opportunity to change to Infinity 2 as speeds in my new area were better. Well no surprise that on 30th Jun when I called BT I was told as it was a new build (which I had told them) there would be no service and I would get an update on the situation the following week. Numerous calls by me to BT led to my being told it was Openreach's fault as they hadn't linked me to the network. Cue more delays and lack of information until I got confirmation from Openreach on 18th Jul that their work was done. Clearly no one told BT as it took until 28th Jul to get a connection appointment on 1st Aug. The landline was connected on 1st Aug (1 month later than ordered for), however no sign of an infinity connection. Finally advised on 3rd Aug that I was never going to get getting infinity as there was no capacity (& wasn't on 6th Jun). New "estimated" date of 23rd Aug. So far I have spend £40 on data, £79 on a mifi hub, and wasted 2 months of Sky subscription that I can't get installed as I have no broadband. What is BT's offer...£30 to cover a data dongle. Ofcom are toothless and cannot do anything. BT really do have you by the short & curlies.

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