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Alan's complaint against BT

Alan Tyler


Moving house phone and internet connection to new house Appalling Customer Service

Complaint against BT

We contacted BT on the 21st Sept 2016 to arrange for our new house moving to be connected and disconnection of our old house services I was told that our service with BT would be disconnected at mid night on the 27th Sept and reconnected at our new house in the early hours of the 28th Sept. I asked would we still get Infinity fast broadband he checked and told me that it had Infinity just plug all your equipment in and it will work fine. I though that was brilliant service. How wrong I was to think that. On the 27th the day before the move we received a letter from BT dated the 21st Sept stating the service at our old address would be terminated on the 6th October that's nine days after we had moved out. I contacted BT straight away and was told that was it. I explained what I had been told by the BT change of address team but it made no difference. I made a number of calls to BT and still no action. Getting very stressed I searched for the contact details of the CEO of BT Gavin Patterson I complained in an email explaining the situation and I received an email back from BT stating that a Senior Complaints Team would investigate. now after three days more we still have no land line or internet connection at our new home. How hard is it to make a swap over of services we are keeping all our services from the same exchange and keep our same phone number. It would seem that BT do not have ant idea how to treat customers. It is such a busy time moving house and I did ring over a week before and was told that all would be straight forward and we should have all our services on the day of the move.

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