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Rob's complaint against BT

Rob Peterson


Offered service that cannot be delivered

Complaint against BT

I was offered an upgrade via email for BT internet. I was on bt infinity1 and they offered infinity 2 for an additional £1. Brilliant I thought. So I took them up on it and 2 days later my order showed as completed. Now being an IT engineer I decided to test my speeds as I was now contractually guaranteed 55mbps so I test and get 40mbps which to be fair was what I was getting on infinity 1. The only thing that had changed was the upload speed had gone to 20mbps which is correct for infinity 2. I contacted bt after a week and said this was the case. There call Centre staff and live chat staff are soo rude and over talk you. Now I knew this was a fault in my home but the advisor said to send an engineer there maybe a £120 charge if the issue is found to be in the property. So the first engineer comes out checks the house nothing wrong. Says to my partner "I'm just popping to the exchange" that was 2 months ago and we haven't seen him since. I contacted bt a week after that explaining my issue and again they said they need to send an engineer out and again threaten me with the £120 charge. Again the engineer comes out and agin "he pops off to the echange" (is this code words for the pub?) never to be seen again. the notes say that there is no issue but no one called or emailed to inform me they just left it and wait for me to contact them. When I did I was told the above. So I raised a complaint thinking someone may take me more seriously nope. I get through to an advisor that tells me they are going to send another engineer and I refused this as what's the point? So I ask to speak to a manager oh my god this man was rude he kept over talking me and telling me nothing could be done he also advised me that I was on the best package and if I want to cancel "go ahead" what kind of people are employed nowadays that can speak to loyal customers like that.

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