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P A's complaint against BT

P A Boule


P A Boule

Complaint against BT

Noticed in late February orange light flashing on router for hours at a time. . Also showed line disconnect LED glowing. On checking telephone. Dial tone was present and this worked. Contacted BT Broadband who logged call and said they would contact me. A week later people came to my house complaining I was not answering phone. Picked up receiver and there was no dial tone. I contacted BT on a neighbours line and they said they had closed the case because they had not been able to contact me by telephone. They took this to mean the problem was fixed. I told them it was not and to re-open the case. This they did. A week later I had a letter from them explaining that unless I answered the telephone when they called they would close the case. I told them the telephone was out of order and that an engineer’s visit was required. By that time I had been without a working telephone for two weeks. More callers at the door asking why I did not answer my telephone. Was I call screening whatever that is ? My GP practice was suggesting they would de-register me for failing to attend appointments they had been unable to telephone through. On contacting BT once again they said unless they spoke to me on the effected line to ‘ eliminate other possibilities ’ they could not pursue the case. Eight weeks on and I am contemplating switching to a supplier who can repair the fault

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