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[User Deleted]'s complaint against BT

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[RESOLVED] - phone line not working

Complaint against BT

my phone line was supposed to go live on 08/10. it did not happen. I called on 09/10 and was told there was a problem with the previous supplier not "releasing" my phone number but that it would be fixed by midnight that day. It still does not work. So, I called their helpline and after talking to an advisor for quite some time and being told to plug and unplug things, it was still the same. Then he said he could send an engineer but it might cost me £129 pounds if something was wrong with my equipment. This worked perfectly 3 days ago with the other provider, so, I don't think so. I said no thanks and put the phone down as he was not easy to understand. I then went on their chat line, and halfway through the conversation, got disconnected. i tried again and was told that there was already an "expert" working on it and also an engineer booked to come to my house. I never agreed to that. any way was there an expert working on it or was it an engineer coming to me?? I then said I wanted to leave BT, and he asked if he could call me. Of course he must have tried to call my landline because a few minutes later he asked, on the chat line, if I had another phone number!! He called and transferred me to someone else! This person went through the same rubbish all over again, so I said I wanted to leave BT, got transferred to another person who said I would have to pay £500+ cancellation fee although since being with them I have had no working phone and appalling broadband. But if I leave now, I'm in breach of contract! what about them being in breach of contract by not providing what I'm paying for! I then had to agree to an engineer coming to my house but not till the 14th. I told this advisor that I needed my phone as I am an OAP and expecting rather important calls from my solicitor. My mobile is not brilliant, and I told him so, so, he tried to sell me a £6 a month SIM card from BT!!! How would that make my mobile better? It also seems to be that only if I am without service for 10 days will I get any refund on my subscription. That's a bit rich considering I have had no service on the phone line from the start!

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