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Diane's complaint against BT

Diane Morcom


Problems with very slow broadband but I can't even log in to BT's site to check if there are issues

Complaint against BT

I tried the self service route, i.e. Check if there are any issues in my area, check my broadband speed etc. All of these require you to log in. And there's the rub. YOU JUST CANNOT. I have just typed my email address six times on various screens, even trying to change my password (in case I got it wrong and the fault was mine!). Changed successfully but was warned not to try and log in for two minutes while the cogs were grinding and the machinery was doing what it needed to. I waited 10 minutes and yes, you guessed it, it did not recognise my email address/password combination. So now I'm stuffed. Can't log in, so can't check anything. Any bright suggestions? I don't want to ring them, even if I could find a number, because I don't want to end up talking to a call centre in India who will only be able to read from a script. These guys are unfailingly polite but never able to help.

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