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Victor's complaint against BT

Victor Pojarkow


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Complaint against BT

I have been with BT for 2 Years when still i employment they try to give me best deal on Telephone And Broadband so I join them before I was with virgin they gave me option to go for businesses account so I get static Ip address as so on at the beginning had a lot of problems with internet so I was on and off the line constantly for 2 months so eventually they gave me 3 months free problem start later suppose to have 5000 minutes free to national and International calls per month 500 min to mobile later I found out I been charged for International calls because all been dealt on the phone they deny any deal at put me so I paid so £13 a month for this service This year real problem start when in feb 16 they requirement wiffi modem start droping down every day so I been told to reset modem by depower and powerup it was like that for 3 weeks till I get fedup I told them to sortout problem they told me if they find out is a problem inside will be a charge £150callout + labour when engineer arrived he told me problem is on equipment digimodem Bt provided and change to new one which works fine up now and told me there will be no charges for a visit.But after that expierence I dicided to move to SKY broadband soon I try to doit BT ask me for £300 early exit fee as the I live before contract so It was no deal if I paid bring me to same level what iam in so decide to stay without realizing I moved to another contract for another 2 Years even I didn't Join Sky In June £360 been taken from My account for Bt engineer visit and new digimodem which I question as they equipment was at fault no me if I had a choice I buy my own so eventually they refund money .This week I found out my bill went up without telling me or warring I decided to join SKY again on broadband and Tel they gave me for like to like service 12 months contract £32 cheaper than BT so I went for it but found out from BT they again want £138 termination fee for tel and £86 broadband I wonder who is breaching agreement BT which hike prices without telling costumers which In my circumstances on pension and they can get away with anything and every time You ring Your contract move for another 2 Years so You cannot get Out till You Pay what they want r

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