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Paul's complaint against BT

Paul McManners


Slow Speeds & broken promises

Complaint against BT

Only getting approx. 50% of estimated line speed. The set an engineer out straight away (next day) to look at a fault on the line (water in junction box). Spoke to a CS employee via online chat and they raise a broadband fault and promised to ring me back on 7/8/17 which they did not. All of this is saved ;-) Infinity speed still a lot lower than what was sold and I don't see them making any effort to improve the speed. I was with another big name ISP 4 yrs ago before I left the country and I was getting 38MB down with no problems, I thought BT would be able to match this if not beat it according to their estimated speeds. Currently not receiving minimum speeds.

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Paul McManners | | VERIFIED

Update: Cant access BT cloud. After a long process finally got through to 'the cloud team' who wanted to take control of my computer - NO WAY EVER. They said that without having remote access to my computer they can do NOTHING. Reported them and got confirmation from a UK customer service rep that BT would NEVER ask for remote access.

Paul McManners | | VERIFIED

Update 2: Engineer has visited the house (after a long time following the boring standard procedures). He did a very good solid job and checked master socket/extension/outside connection. No problems at all, he even checked the cabinet same as the install engineer: 55MB down.

Paul McManners | | VERIFIED

Update 3: Spoke to CS today who are really bad (think it was a manager to update me on my broad band complaint). First thing she said was you need to wait 30 days to let the line stabilize: HOLY SH*T I LET HER HAVE IT. Sick of getting different stories from BT, shame I know my stuff and fibre does not need training, open line full speed straight away and DLM does not kick in unless it is needed

Paul McManners | | VERIFIED

Engineer booked in for this Thursday. originally going to check exchange/cabinet and house. Cant get it through to them that the house and cabinet have been check twice by 2 diff. engineers. Although I am grateful for them checking the exchange. Just really want to cancel and leave to go with another ISP for a lower price as the speeds are way below minimum given (mis-sold)
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