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Graham's complaint against BT

Graham Rennie


sold me 200gb mobile plan and i got an order number yet they say they don't sell 200gb

Complaint against BT

so i went to change my plan i managed to go via BT website and i upgraded to 200GB but according to bt its not available and yet....I have a video of me doing it and i have the url addresses to show it is a legitimate BT website!! they say they will be in touch but I am confident they won't, I have never had a simple solution with bt its always a chore to even get to talk to someone that knows what they are doing. would i recommend them 100% No would i recommend them to my worst enemy oh yes! you may wonder why i don't just change provider? well its the only one that gives me a good signal in my village. oh and past issues were things like they cut me off by mistake when cancelling my broadband....they also cancelled my mobile plan!! I was stuck away from home with no connection! they sent a new phone to a neighbours house when i specifically mentioned not to "oh no sir thats not possible we never do that!!" well they did and i never got the phone!

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