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C.H.Sonpal's complaint against BT



Terms of Contact.

Complaint against BT

I signed a contract for 18months to ake an offer of BT infinity service. First six months I was charged £10 a month and subssequntly £24. The details of the terms were not clearly laid down and furthermore gave no clear indication regarding the termination of the contract. I was told that to terminate the contract will cost me £260.00 for the remaining of the contract. I think this is totally unfair and is loaded in favour of the company. I offered to pay for the full price for the first six months when I was cjharged discounted price. This was rejected by the superviser I had spoken to. The attitude was "take it as it is" and pay £260 to unsigned the contact. I think this is totally unfair to the consumer. All utility companies I have signed a contract with have clearly laid the penalty clause if I terminate the contact.. I sterongly feel that the contact I signed with BT is loaded in favour of the company and there is no element in the contract which gives a fair way of termination to the consumer.. I am with BT for over 40 years and as share holder of the company you should look into this aspect of the contract. Furthermore the main conditions of the contract should be in front of the contact and terms of cancellations should be clearly laid out. I hope you will look into this issue and respond . Chandra Sonpal

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