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Emma's complaint against BT

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They should change it from BT to TB ( talking bullshit)

Complaint against BT

i am a new BT customer I've only been with them for around 4-5 months, when I signed up with them it was for BT sport and it was at £13.50 a month they told me that the price wouldn't change for 12 months. At first everything was fine and my direct debits came out at £13.50 at the beginning of every month, on the 4th September 2015 they randomly took £25.22 out of my account which got returned because I only left in £13.50 and I now have to pay a £10.00 bank charge. I immediately phoned BT to ask why they have taken so much and they told me that there prices have gone up in October even though they assured me it would stay at £13.50 for 12 months and I'd only been with them for around 4 months at this point anyway when I phoned them they apologised and corrected their mistake. I awoke this morning to find that they had once again taken £25.22 and this time the money went out because my child benefit had been paid ( I now have no money for my child) so I phoned again and the first man I spoke to spoke to me like dog poo and said that I could not speak to someone else and that I was basically stupid anyway he eventually passed me to someone else and she apologised and said that I'm absolutely correct I am on a £13.50 for 12 months contract and that she has credited my next bill I told her that's not good enough you have taken my child benefit which I need and you have done it completely out of the blue on a totally random day so she passed me to yet another person who she said could give a refund anyway he hung up on me so I phoned again and they have basically said there is no such thing as a refund ( even though they have a refund department ) and there is nothing I can do. So now I have no money for my child because BT think that they can just take money out of your account whenever they dam well please. I would not recommend BT to anyone they are ignorant on the phone and do absolutely nothing I wouldn't give them 1 star I would rate them -5 star. They are about as much use at a blow up dart board absolutely TERRIBLE!!!

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