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Paul's complaint against BT

Paul Godwin


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Complaint against BT

Once again I have suffered hours of lost time and probably years off of my life when reporting serious errors in the performance of our BT broadband service. I have often put up with substandard performance with our service simply because the process of reporting is so painful. Our speeds have become so poor that I had no choice (1- 4 mbps download; .4 up?) and so around 3 weeks ago I called and went through the grinding Q&A to be told 'there is not a problem' when clearly there is. I do not go through this soul destroying process for fun. I gave up...but the low speeds are disruptive and so once again last week I began the process, at first online. At least on this occasion, after at first being advised that there is no problem the chap agreed to look closer and indeed, he got the engineers out. They have found that there are a series of major issues along the line and the last I heard they were getting the cherrypickers out to actually replace much of the line leading to our home. But why does it have to be so painful? The last two calls to report the problem took around 3 hours or more of my life and a great deal of argument whilst BT's 'customer support' operatives insisted there was no problem. BT you have to do something about this; I know you have a monopoly but this apparent policy of simply wearing down your customers and fillibustering complaints out of your system is not good enough. If I had a choice, like many others I suspect, I would take it and choose another service. As it is, no point in going to others that use BT lines and Virgin do not reach our property. Here's to the next time!

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