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william's complaint against Huawei

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honor 6 warranty

Complaint against Huawei

i had a honor 6 phone for 8 months & it stopped charging the battery. i contacted my supplier who looked at the phone & explained that a green light in the mini usb port indicated it was not a liquid problem.& to contacy hauwei to have it fixed or replaced.after 5 phone calls to hauwei begging them to take the phone they sent out a delivery envelope for sending it back. off it went. & 14 days later i received a letter saying the phone had liquid damage & could not repair.on contacting hauwei & asking about it they said they had photo proof that there was rust damage.when i asked how that happened they said i i went from a cold place to a hot place this could happen. also asked me if i was sweaty & kept the phone in my pocket. but the best on was i i had been in a room at any time when someone boiled a kettle-ha ha.when they told me they would not honor their warranty i asked them what i could do. their advice was for me to save up for another one.according to hauwei your warranty stops when you switch on your phone.

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