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Amy 's complaint against Mobile Phones Direct

Amy Thompson


Credit limit I was unaware of!!!

Complaint against Mobile Phones Direct

I have had a mobile phone contract with you now for about a month. I received a free LG television with it too. So I’ve been happily using my phone then today it got restricted. So not understanding why it had I phoned to find out. To which I was told my bill was £150. I nearly had a heart attack. Because I was completely unaware that this phone had a credit limit on it. I did not ask for a credit limit either and assumed you had to ask to get one. Never did I not imagine that they wouldn’t cut me off once my minutes were used. I have great credit as I’ve always paid my bills, which is why my credit is so good.. this feels like one big con that I’m on the reviewing end of. I’m having panick attacks about how I can’t pay it... I’m a young mother with a 6 month old baby. With loads of other bills to pay. There is only one way this payment can be sorted and that’s a payment plan... Then put my phone on a restriction to cut off once minutes are used! I hope you understand what’s happened here and you can help me. Because if you can’t you’ll have to take me to court as I do not have the money outright! Which isn’t what I want. I would like to carry on with my contract even after this horrible experience I’ve had.. why on earth would I let my bill run up to £150 if I was aware? I would at least be calling up and asking how much I’m over from time time. Which I haven’t. So that clearly shows I was unaware. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint. Yours sincerely Amy Thompson

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