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Tara's complaint against Mobile Phones Direct

Tara Richardson



Complaint against Mobile Phones Direct

In mid October 2015 I was sold an early upgrade iPhone by Direct Mobiles with a large upfront cost for 31.99 a month. ONE MONTH LATER, my phone contract and number still is not working and after numerous calls to Direct Mobiles, eventually was told the reason my contract has not been made live or the reason why my old number could not be moved over was because my contract was MIS SOLD TOO CHEAPLY and the only way to make my phone work would be to pay more money with no apology. I am now left in a situation in regards to the fact I would NOT have bought the early upgrade at the price they are offering and are still offering online on their website. I am being told as an upgrade I can only go on to a HIGHER priced contract, but as you can understand, being told this 4 weeks after I have purchased the contract, I am VERY VERY angry and upset. Furthermore I use my phone for business which I could NOT which ruined my entire UK Business Trip which was HIGHLY inconvenient. Simply in full I want what I paid for, what I was SOLD. None of the above was explained to me before I paid the money firstly to pay off my contract, and the upfront cost. This is causing me a high amount of stress and is now becoming a huge concern for my work. I am seriously angry and disappointed. I have had many calls from them to help try get my phone contract live but as I'm sure you can understand I do not want to pay nearer £40 a month for something I was sold for much cheaper and is beyond the point. I understand contract prices can alter or increase over 24month periods but I haven't even used it once!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

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Tara Richardson | | VERIFIED

I am being made to feel that this is MY PROBLEM, when it was a massive MISTAKE made by Direct Mobiles. I don't want a satisfactory result, I want compensation from being mis-sold a contract.
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