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Anna's complaint against Mobitrans



Being charge for mobitran

Complaint against Mobitrans

I don't even know this company! One day I stared receiving these messages ! It did say in the message I can call a particular number and cancel but I heard of scams that they tell you to call a number and you will be charged weekly / daily because you called that number! So I was too afraid to call that number ! I didn't see a change in my bank account and I didn't check EE because their website and app is really rubbish! So now i realised that since September Iv been charged every month around £13! I want it cancelled ! I don't know who they are, I don't need them and I don't want them!!!

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Mobile Academy | | VERIFIED

Dear Anna,we have taken note of your concern.Please understand that subscription can only take place if you have interacted with one of our advertisements and opted to subscribe to our service by hitting‘subscribe’ button.To unsubscribe:Text STOP MACADEMY to 80206O or by clicking,please send an email to [email protected] and one of our customer support staff will be in contact with you shortly. Thank You! Mobitrans


Dear Mobitrans! I think as you charge money for your subscription there should be more to it then hit a button!In this day and age many kids have mobiles or play on their mum and dad's phone with permission ( to play)! But you don't watch kids at all times when they are playing believing that it is safe to play their games! Because of companies like yours I feel it's not safe anymore and I feel that this is a great con! You need to ask for more than a hit of a button if ie contact details etc!!!


I still haven't got my money back !!!!
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