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Louise's complaint against Aerialforce

Louise Wright


Unwanted work/failure to inform on price

Complaint against Aerialforce

Website request to moving existing aerial in loft eaves to exterior on chimney stack. Got phonecall to arrange appointment,price given approx £50 - no mention this was their call out charge. Engineer arrived, said he couldn’t do the job as couldn’t get his ladder on roof ridge. He was in the house by then. Asked me ‘the problem’ and I said I’d had a little pixelation on ITV3 and thought it was time to put the aerial back on the outside - it had blown down a year ago-although reception was fine from position in eaves. He then started tuning my tv. He was told where the aerial was before, in the eaves, that it should be tuned to London. ‘No, that won’t work’, he said! I’d moved the aerial to allow an engineer access to all the wiring so, of course, it wasn’t going to tune in in another position. However, on he went, complaining about how long my year old Sony tv took to tune, or rather not tune. He carried on failed tuning using his signal machine for considerable time, and at one point muttered something about ‘never known this before, signal not getting under the slates’??? I did say, ‘Not being rude, but perhaps if you leave the aerial in the old position - I can put up with a little pixelation - it would be best’. Ie leave now! Then the obviously well practiced stare, he was ‘not listening’ and at that point I realised I couldn’t get him out the house, he was determined to carry on regardless of what I said. I hate to admit it but whe you’re alone in the house with a stranger - I’m 70, female, you are very wary of asserting yourself although I was well aware of what he was doing. I allowed him to tune the tv in the bedroom below, no problem with that although he decided to remove the lead from the tv, saying it wasn’t good enough and replace it with a piece of the cable from my aerial. I noticed him carrying a new aerial around! What’s he up to now? My own aerial is a year old, nothing wrong with it! To get him out, I agreed to him putting an amp on the aerial in the eaves, then, of course the signal was ‘too strong’ for the socket, so no choice but to let him change that. Eventually, he came downstairs, saying he’d fixed the aerial so it wouldn’t move in the eaves. I asked him if he’d check the signal on the ground floor and he said it was too weak to support a 3rd tv because the signal was split with the 2 TVs! Only then was the cost revealed. 1 x new aerial £129, 1 amp £119 + VAT. I wanted him to leave so I paid. I then went to look at what he’d done and discovered a new aerial, in the same position in the eaves as my own aerial had been before, working fine, only difference was that he’d fixed it to a beam. I complained to Aerialforce and got no response. So, after paying out £285 pounds, I’ve got an aerial I didn’t need, an amp which is possibly the wrong strength -surely it should support 3 TVs, and had a nightmare morning with a stranger wandering around my house, appearing not to listen to anything I said, doing what he pleased without asking permission and avoiding keeping me abreast of costs.

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