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Neil's complaint against Google

Neil March


Chromebook Crashes and sends insulting message

Complaint against Google

Every few minutes, when I am trying to do any work on my Google Chromebook, it crashes and I receive a stupid message saying 'Aw, Snap' and asking for feedback. Perhaps they think this is funny but I see nothing amusing about the way I am losing day after day of work because of their incompetence and, despite numerous attempts to get help from their forums, their social media accounts and their website, I am getting nothing more than the most basic and ridiculous advice. I have tried every suggestion they have made and none of them worked (but then it was obvious they wouldn't) but there has been no acknowledgement that this is a serious problem and no effort by the company to take action at their end to stop this from happening. I have learned that this is a worldwide issue affecting thousands of users. But then they have our money so maybe they don't care about how this has wrecked our lives. I am so disgusted with Google Chrome I feel like suing them.

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