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Ryan's complaint against EE

Ryan Davies


Terrible Service

Complaint against EE

I have been an EE mobile phone costumer since day one, prior to that I was with both T mobile and Orange. I recently took out an iPad contract in addition to my phone contract and was told the iPad would share the data with my iPhone and I would get an extra 10GB to share between the two devices… This did not happen… My iPad ran out of Data on ringing up I was told the EE Store I bought it from did not set this up properly and I would need to go back to them. I was never given an additional 10GB and the devices do not share data. I simply do not have the time to go to the store I bought it from so I remain dissatisfied with this… I figured as I’d been perfectly happy with the service EE had provided me with previously I would overlook this and when I upgraded my phone I stayed with you again. Even taking an additional service with yourselves: Broadband: This however has been a complete nightmare and my perspective on EE has completely changed. What I was promised: A switcher service with no loss of service DID NOT GET THIS connection date 24th October DID NOT GET THIS A buy out from previous provider meaning no cancellation costs DID NOT GET THIS Free installation DID NOT GET THIS Half price for the first 6 months making the cost around £25 a month then full price thereafter DID NOT GET THIS linked bill with my iPhone / iPad - one simple payment on 7th each month DID NOT GET THIS What I got: Nearly 4 weeks without any service connection did not take place on the 24th October Rang EE EVERY DAY during these weeks to find out why I still not connection spent over 40 hours on the phone to EE trying to resolve this Promised connection on 19 different dates Promised ringbarks on countless occasions today I received my first call back!! When a BT engineer FINALLY got sent out, he said we just needed plugging in, this literally took 5 minutes - absolute joke! A cancellation bill from previous supplier for £87 ? A separate direct debit set up on my account for broadband payment attempted to be taken on 27th? Payment for £86.35? Not £25 ish phoned last night spent another 2 hours trying to resolve this issue promised a call back today and assured the service would not be disrupted in the meantime service cut off today spent another 2 hours on the phone trying to resolve this - told service will not be connected until i pay the bill I will not pay £86.35 in addition to the £87 cancellation from previous provider in addition to the appalling services I have received as this is simply not what I agreed, not even close to what I agreed!! Unless this is all resolved and I receive some kind of compensation I am cancelling my service with EE and going with my previous provider!

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