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Maria's complaint against EE

Maria M


Apalling service

Complaint against EE

After 3 visits to the Elgin shop, had to give up and cancel my contract. Was losing too much time and business. To be in business for almost 20 years, and then have no active business phone number for almost 2 weeks, is financially devastating. Despite the fact I have made numerous complaints to EE, they have not only done nothing about them, but are still chasing me for money. Joined and cancelled almost immediately, when I found that I had no reception ANYWHERE! Was lied to, and told that I would have reception in the areas I specified. Went online to do a check to be told that none of the areas are covered by them. Still getting bills - despite the fact they have lost me countless money by leaving me without my business number for almost 2 weeks. Who in their right minds POSTS OUT a pac code??? EIGHT DAYS LATER I RECEIVED IT. And this was by the female manager at the Elgin branch. BT have NOTHING on these guys.

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