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Daniel's complaint against EE

Daniel Goss


Billing complaint, taking payments on incorrect dates that were not agreed when I took contract out.

Complaint against EE

April/May 2014 I took out a phone contract with EE. They took a payment on a date that was incorrect and left me overdrawn for over 10 days which incurred me a bank charge of over a £120 it took probably over 5 hours of conversation with foreign call centres and over 10 phone calls before I simply gave up a year passed and I was still waiting on a call from the complaints team, Getting very fed up at this point I contacted them again. Again being provided with a awful level of service I finally got through to an english speaking member of staff who refunded me and offered me a couple of extra bits, he did advise that no compensation would be offered which I was appauled with, but I was just happy to get my money back all be it a year later. I then decided to upgrade to a new phone contract with EE and the problems have already started again with my first payment I told the guy on the phone I want my payment date to stay exactly the same as I had previous problems he said this was fine, I agreed to remain a EE customer and again my first payment has tried to be taken 3 days prior to my agreed DDEB date, I've had a text message advising of a additional charge and I really am losing my patience with this company. I'm at my wits end with this company who must of hung up on me at least 10 times in the 2 and a bit years I have been with them.

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