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John's complaint against EE

John Bullen


Bought a pay as you go dongle as present, put a month data on it and Orange kept taking.

Complaint against EE

My young friend had no internet so I bought them a Christmas present of an Orange Pay as you go dongle and paid for a month of data so it would work as soon as She plugged it in. This was not a contract, I bought the dongle outright and then my friend could buy data when she needed it. My friend lives away and liked her present but unfortunately lost it within a few weeks. I then noticed Orange was taking money from my bank account so contacted them to find out what was going on as I had no Orange phone for them to be taking money from me.Orange told me that they take money off pay as you go customers to make things easy for customers. I told them I had no Orange phone contract as I use another mobile company, The present was for someone I only see a few times a year and simply put one payment on the Pay as you go device to get them started with their new present. Orange asked for some code, but obviously as I did not own the device I was unable to give it. I asked them to refund me the money they had stolen apart from the first month. They told me they could not without the code on the Pay as you go dongle. I explained that of course I could not supply it as it was a present for someone that I hardly ever see and She lived hundreds of miles away and I did not have a phone number. Orange said that there was nothing they could do. I managed to contact my friend and She had only used the dongle for a couple of weeks until she moved somewhere with Internet and had lost the dongle. So of course I could not get the code off the side of the device. I went back to Orange and explained but they would not do anything, I said surely they could see no data was being used as surely the device must be tied to my bank account number in some way? They said they could not find out without the code number on the device. Two years of calls and money taken from my account until finally an Orange employee told me to get my bank to cancel. I did this and asked for Orange to give me the hundreds of pounds stolen from my account them. They refused and started to demand money from me. I told them that they had actually stolen money from me for a contract I never had for a device that I never owned. Instead of reimbursing me they sent in debt collectors, who were on my doorstep threatening me with seizing goods if I did not pay. I should add that I was and still am extremely unwell and battling a disease that could end my life. I live alone and my family have all passed away. I am on benefits and find it hard to pay bills that I actually do owe without struggling and having money taken for something I do not owe. In the end I had to stop answering the door. Calls to Orange got me nowhere, in fact they said they had passed it on to the debt company and that is who I had to deal with now. I could not get anywhere with the debt company because I owed Orange nothing but they owed me hundreds of pounds. The debt company failed to collect and sold my case on to yet another debt company. I am also blacklisted so cannot get any deal with my phone provider or credit anywhere (Not that I have ever asked for credit or a loan). Orange have of course become EE and now have been bought by BT. BT also owns my ISP Plusnet. I wish I could get my money back as it was money I could not afford to lose on my low income. I hate Orange so much, they were a corrupt and dishonest company who preyed on my illness and take advantage of the fact I was too ill to fight them and too poor to employ a solicitor.

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