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Elizabeth's complaint against EE

Elizabeth Browne


EE broadband,still waiting since 20th Aug, no communication on technical glitch,no landline/wifi

Complaint against EE

I rang EE on or around the 20th Aug to query why my data on my phone was running out a lot quicker than usual. No one could tell me the reason, they said I could change my plan or swap my broadband from TalkTalk to EE and get free 10G on my phone, so I thought ok I shall try this. After being told everything was set up, to give it 10 days for the router to arrive, nothing. I left it longer than 10 days, but rang back to ask where my router was as at this time TalkTalk had cancelled my land line so I was without Wi-Fi. I was told there had been a 'Technical Glitch' and that my registration had been cancelled? No one had contacted me to tell me. So I said I have no landline / Wi-Fi and who ever I spoke to (There's been that many) said Its been ordered again but I have to reregister when my router arrives. Which confused me but I said ok. Anyway another 10 days nothing. I phoned again and was told nothing had been sorted!!!! I told who ever I spoke to I was promised it had been dealt with...anyway to cut a long story short I rang them today for the 4th or 5th time after numerous promises it has been sorted... to hear again it had been rejected on there system? (The last time I rang was Monday 21st sept) Again no one had contacted me!! I had to call them (Which I was doing to make sure my router was on the way!!) I've given them one last chance to get it rite, or im leaving both broadband and mobile phone and going else where, as this just isn't good enough. I haven't been able to work from home, which has caused so much hassle, no Wi-Fi so my phone data has run out, to which I refused to buy anymore, because why should I? I had to ASK for a gesture of good will, no one offered me anything as a sorry for the inconvenience, they have apparently put £20 credit onto my bill so I can buy more data. Which I will only believe when I see it!! Its disgusting service, no communication what so ever, and an absolute joke! I have complained twice and got nowhere, just an email from someone apologising, which isn't good enough. So now im waiting another 10 days... I have very little faith in them, and not expecting this to be finalised in 10 days! Thank you

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