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Miriam's complaint against EE

Miriam Wilson


I emailed EE on the 16 February to say my phone was stolen. I emailed again on the 18th.

Complaint against EE

They say I should have phoned from South Africa where I was on holiday, but my phone was stolen!!! They said there was a 7 day turnaround on emails therefore all call to the 24th have been charged to me.i received a confirmation email but icannot find it!! £239 was taken from my bank. I normally have about £2 or £3 per month of calls. The local EE shop could not believe the decision from head office. They verified I had sent the emails. After talking to EE yesterday I was trying to forward a copy of the email but it was sent like a new email. I received a reply within ONE day. I have the reply. It is very like the reply I received in February so is probably a standard letter for lost phones.

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