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Robert's complaint against EE

Robert Weddell


misselling of a tablet

Complaint against EE

After tacking out a phone contract in Carphone Warehouse on the ee network I was having problems from the start with incoming calls, to resolve this matter I went into a EE store and explained to a member of staff what the problem was. When I said where I got my phone from Carphone Warehouse, he said did they mention a ipad tablet for a few pound more per month my reply no was then asked would I want one I replied yes then he tried to solve my phone issue unsuccessfully, When checking a bank statement I noticed the amount of direct debit payments by EE, so I went back to the store where I was told it was for seperate contract for the ipad. I replied I was not told that when it was issued then I asked for it to be cancelled and said why would I pay for download data when I have fibre optic back home, unlimited download is the case. As this 24month contract it adds up to a fair amount of money I just cannot afford, Robert Weddell was

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