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Cherisse's complaint against EE



My bill is usually £8 this is the third time now that they have charged me £125 for a monthly bill!

Complaint against EE

So in October 2014 I received a bill for £125 to my usual £8 phone bill! I rang up and asked for an itemised bill to which they told me I have I pay for! I paid the bill and questioned no more! I received another £130 phone 7 months later to which again I just paid and didn't question! In nov 2015 I received another bill of £125 to which I didn't pay and didn't call them as I had my daughters bday and Christmas to sort out! In December I received another letter stating that my bill is now £250 and they switched me off altogether! I called them up to try explain that they are taking liberties with people! My £8 phone bill is now £250 how does it end up like that? I got told that they charge a high rate if u go over your agreed limit to which they have never informed me! I asked to speak to the manger who was quite frankly rude and none understanding she told me as an ADULT you should know your limits if you don't you should know you get charged! I explained that I have never been told if I go above my limit let alone by such a drastic measure! EE are a disgrace and they need to abolish overages like the USA have! Thank you

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