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Emily's complaint against EE

Emily Steadman


Order and delivery errors - shocking service FAIL

Complaint against EE

I went into the EE shop in St Albans (where my parents live) to upgrade my old iPhone. I went with my dad as he pays for my contract at the moment. I decided to go for the new iPhone 6 plus. Store didn't have any in stock so they placed an online order to have it delivered next day to the store. I drove up from London with my two children on the delivery date so that I could go in-store to collect the new phone with my dad (as there have been problems in the past getting my phone set up as he is the account holder), download my contacts to it, wipe my old one and turn in my old phone. Well, the new phone was delivered to the billing address (home) not the store. We were not in, missed the delivery, it got sent back to the depot. We thus went into the store, who put me on the phone to customer services, who could only arrange for a redelivery the next day, despite it being their mistake. So the next day, I was back at work in London and so my father went to the store to collect the phone. Well, turns out they had sent the wrong phone! My dad sat there for nearly 2 hours as they tried to sort it out. Ultimately a terrible solution: they had to send the wrong phone back and it has to be processed (a period of up to 2 weeks!) before they can then send the correct phone. Outrageous that this was yet another major error they made yet me, the customer, suffers. So now we are waiting for it to be processed and phone to be sent, by which time my dad will no longer be in the country and it will be weeks after the time we actually ordered it with many hours of pointless admin and hassle. Terribly inconvenient. It's the principle. Outdated, inflexible systems that a) can't arrange a faster redelivery and b) can't send out the correct product immediately if the wrong one was sent are totally out of line with good, logical, intuitive customer service. Unfortunately, the hassle required to change contracts, get a new phone, have number transferred across is huge, but as loathe as I am to go through that, this experience is making me want to. Never has there been any offer of compensation or serious accountability taken by anyone. Too many people involved to pass the buck.

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EE failed to resolve this complaint

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Emily Steadman | | VERIFIED

I eventually got the correct phone delivered and had a call from EE to ensure all had been resolved to my satisfaction. I appreciated that and was pleased they had rung, but ultimately, I don't think anyone really took responsibility and I don't think any of their processes have been improved.
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