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Brian's complaint against EE

Brian Jennings


Over charging on canceled contract

Complaint against EE

I helped my son get a contract on ee this was paid from his bank account for 24 months when the contract came to a end I cancelled the contract as did my son I opend a new contract with ee to be paid from my bank I heard nothing until the new phone was bard and locked out so could not be used l contacted ee to find they had not canceled the old contract a was now charging me for a phone and tablet that now belonged to my son I agreed to pay for the phone I had so did so but the next day the phone was bard again this continued for several months the phone could not be used although I was paying in advance for a service I was not reciveing so I stopped paying and offered the phone back they refused and sent me a bill for £ 272 I complained they then sent me a. Bill for £368 I then asked for a break down of charges they sent me a bill with 3 devices 2 of which belonged to my son so I asked for a bill proving the devices use . from when the contract was canceled the sent me 6 sheets off blank paper proving these devices had not been used including the bard phone I had been paying for I now being has led by a company called Lowell for the sum of £648 I have asked them for proof of contract and a break down of the charges to no avail I will not pay for something I never recived

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