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Nathan's complaint against EE

Nathan Macleod


Pricing and customer service

Complaint against EE

I started a contract with EE for my iPhone 7 the price was set at £42 I since added Apple Music to my contract adding £9.99 so I expected to pay £52. Having thought there was no need to check my bank statements I didn’t until by pure fluke I caught a glimpse of the bills on my statement. Some months I was charged up to £67 and £62 regularly. I rang and asked what was this about. I was fed a story about sending a picture message costing 50p I was given no explanation for the increase in price despite continuously asking where it was from my most recent bill is also £62 I’ve not exceeded my allocated data, still looking for answers without being on hold for over an hour. This is after being a loyal customer of over 5 years.

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